The Reality of the Situation

This week, I tried very hard to push for tele-psychiatry for non-emergency cases in the ER. We are hopelessly underprepared, even in light of the alarming rate of deaths in NY state which is just next-door to us. We do not have adequate PPE. We are not even mandating that all staff in the ER … Continue reading The Reality of the Situation

Anxiety and Panic during a Pandemic – Thoughts on COVID-19

Where to even start? It's been a whirlwind. The hospital has called for us to work more hours, and cancelled all our vacations indefinitely. We are not provided with enough personal protective equipment; we barely have enough hand sanitizers in the hospital. Patients are panicking, triggering their anxiety disorders. Patients with substance abuse history are … Continue reading Anxiety and Panic during a Pandemic – Thoughts on COVID-19

Burning Bridges, Among Other Things

Today was a kind of revelation. A patient was complaining about the way a social worker talked to her today. She said that the social worker made her feel "hopeless" because she had asked her shortly after admission about which homeless shelter she preferred, rather than offering potential drug and alcohol rehabilitation or a residential … Continue reading Burning Bridges, Among Other Things