I recently watched Amanda Gorman perform her inauguration poem. I don't even know where to begin. She feels like a ray of sunshine piercing through these ominous clouds of negativity hovering over our country. She talks about tragedies and calamities without weighing you down. She somehow turns the pain into fuel to motivate us to … Continue reading Hope

The Little Things

One luxury of being a third year resident is that you are able to sit back and look at everything from a distance. We've had junior residents quarantine because of COVID exposure and feeling ill, so I've had to take extra shifts in the hospital to cover. Despite having to go back to that trauma-triggering … Continue reading The Little Things

Injustice. Talk About It.

The gut-wrenching pain that comes with the murder of George Floyed and many, many other black people and minorities in this country leaves me speechless. But I have to put aside my own discomfort and privilege, and talk about it. There should be no tolerance for inequality, racism, police brutality, and injustice. There should also … Continue reading Injustice. Talk About It.

Anxiety and Panic during a Pandemic – Thoughts on COVID-19

Where to even start? It's been a whirlwind. The hospital has called for us to work more hours, and cancelled all our vacations indefinitely. We are not provided with enough personal protective equipment; we barely have enough hand sanitizers in the hospital. Patients are panicking, triggering their anxiety disorders. Patients with substance abuse history are … Continue reading Anxiety and Panic during a Pandemic – Thoughts on COVID-19