The Pain of Fathers

If you knew me a year ago, you would never have imagined that I would write a blog post with a title like this. Fathers, "the other" parent, have always been a difficult topic for me. It's the proverbial "daddy issues" that gets slapped on the backs of women who struggle with interpersonal relationships, reducing … Continue reading The Pain of Fathers


People that Surround You

It's incredible what a few words from someone you trust can do for you. Recently, I have been feeling disjointed at work. These highly structured and manualized therapies I'm learning about feel artificial, unnatural, and superficial at best. Something is missing in these treatments and I think it has something to do with connection. There … Continue reading People that Surround You

Reflecting on DBT and Mindfulness

As I begin my second year of child fellowship training, we have started a deep dive into dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) in our didactics series. This therapy is so intriguing to me, because it borrows concepts from Eastern philosophy and brings me newfound appreciation for my own cultural background. First and foremost, at the core … Continue reading Reflecting on DBT and Mindfulness